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We are a family…

We are a family whose every member is cordially and strongly tied one another like leaves of a daisy.
We accept our customers as the members of our family.
The most important achievement for us is being sincere.
We will always be behind our products and our word.
We strongly believe that each of our customers will accept our company as their own in a short period of time.

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Melos Inc. has been established to respond the needs in rubber raw materials used in automotive related industries, white goods, shoe manufacturing, construction business and cable manufacturing in Turkey which is integrated in the global market.

Melos Inc. formed with the aim and consistency of a group, which takes place in Turkish industry for 50 years, for being
present in different business areas.

Melos is proud of producing rubber raw materials which have been previously imported from foreign countries.

and also buying and selling raw materials to our customers active in manufacturing of rubber based products.

Our primary target is presenting highly qualified products to the world market by means of positive colloboration with our customers.


The biggest aim of our establisment is continuing our way as an active company in the international area by the power that is supported by our business partners active in different areas.

We are decisive to keep producing with “customer centered service” understanding, which has never been changed until today.

We stated our vision as “foreseeing the future from today” by keeping our production quality highly eligible in the world standards with the help of continously regenerated technologies and presenting our new products to the whole world.

Creating confidence in our customers by giving technical support in every stage of production and providing backup in all our products, is initially the significant mission for Melos Inc.

Our improvement will be consistent with the reciprocal confidence between our customers and our company.


Company establishment and our participation in the chemical industry.


We started production of zinc borate for the first time in Turkey.


We opened the new 40.000 m2 production facility in Sakarya 3rd Organized Industrial Zone.


We have opened our new active zinc oxide plant with the latest technology.


We launched the launch of our new product Detomaso. We promote active zinc oxide in the rubber industry in Turkey at world standards.

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