Active Zinc Oxide

MELOS Active Zinc Oxide is mainly used the rubber industry. It is used as a vulcanization activator. MELOS Active Zinc Oxide is carefully produced by multi-step chemical processes starting with high quality zinc ingots and powders in our facility located in Sakarya 3. Industrial Zone. Zinc oxide particles in the rubber compund can only react with the chemicals in it with its surface. Therefore, the reaction ability of zinc oxide is determined by its surface area, not its mass. MELOS Active Zinc Oxide types can have a surface area up to 70 m2 / gr, so it reacts much faster and more effectively. It has superior chemical properties compared to zinc oxides produced by conventional methods. The molecular structure of MELOS Active Zinc Oxide types are circular. In this way, a much more effective distribution at the mixer can be achieved. MELOS Active Zinc Oxide types provide many important benefits such as faster curing times, improvement in physical properties, increased tensile strength, low heavy metal ratio, dosage saving in the rubber compund.

MELOS Active Zinc Oxide has been presented to the industry in many different grades. MELOS product types, which can meet the needs in the most effective and economical way with the experience of MELOS are listed below. You can contact us to determine the suitable types for your production and to make sampling.

All of our active zinc oxide types are also available in granular form bonded with EPDM.

  • Seville
  • Road Runner
  • Montecarlo
  • Lagonda
  • Pantera
  • Detomaso
  • Detomaso Blue
  • Gtx
  • Corvette
  • Detomaso Z
  • Baracuda