Ürün Açıklaması

Even though the high quality boron reserves located in Turkey, for many years ZINC BORATE was being imported to Turkey. which is producted in Turkey. MELOS INC is producing It under the supervision of expert technical staff.

ZINC BORATE 4013 Specifics

As Flame Retardant; Zinc Borate, aluminium trihydrate (ATH), magnesium hydroxide, antimony composites, bromine, chloride and phosphate composites are being used. However, antimony trioxide and antimony trioxide-halogen composites are banned in some countries due to the release of toxic fumes during combustion. Combined use of flame retardants as an alternative solution.

ZINC BORAT has been increasingly used in connection with ATH due to It’s FLAME RETARDERING and SMOKE EXTINGUISHANT feature. Because these two substances are in a non-halogen formulation to provide less smoke and toxic substances in combustion conditions. Besides, zinc borate can be used with or without zinc borate antimony trioxide combination.