Why zinc borate?

Zinc borate aluminium trihidrat (ATH), magnesium hydroxide, antimon compunds, bromin, chloride and phosphate compounds are used to prevent the flame. Since during combustion antimon trioksit and antimon trioksit compounds release toxic fumes, in some countries their usage is banned and to use flame retardants combined initiated as a solution.

Thanks to the fact that zinc borate retards flame and suppresses the fumes, it became to be used in connection with ATH widely. Since these two materials has non-halogen formation and forms less fume and toxic waste. Besides, zinc borate can be used either alone or in combination with zinc borate-antimon.

Areas of usage

PVC Wire and cables(isolation /cover), Car upholstery, coated fabric and films, Wall cover
(halogenated / non-halogenated)
SBL Conveyor Belt, EPDM wire and cable, Neopren conveyor belt, SBR coating material, EVA Cable.
POLYOLEFIN EVA electrical components, LDPE electrical components, EVA electrical cable isolation,
PP electrical parts, ULDPE cable cover
OTHER Polyamides, ceramic industry- as flux- building isolation materials