We are a family…

We are a family who is sincerely interconnected like the leaves of a daisy. We regard our customers as our family.

Our foremost aim is to make our customers feel the sincerity. This means; to present the highest quality standard, in the best possible conditions. Any unintentional mistake will be corrected immediately. We believe MELOS, sooner or later, will earn a warm place in everyone’s hearts and minds.


Melos A.Ş. Habertürk Kanalında..

Melos A.Ş. Ceo’su sayın Mehmet KİLİMCİ’nin 17 Eylül 2019 tarihinde Habertürk kanalında yapmış olduğu ropörtaj..


MELOS Inc. It was established to meet the raw material needs of many rubber and plastic products needed in the automotive sub-industry, white goods, cable industry, footwear and construction sectors in our country, which is integrated into the global world.

Turkey on a group's desire and commitment to open to different sectors of the industries for over 50 years born MELOS Inc., raw materials used in the manufacture of products based rubber which is imported so far, is proud to produce naturally rich in our country.

We set out to serve you valuable producers who manufacture in the field of rubber-based products, by producing some raw materials and by merely trading some of them. Our biggest goal is to share with you our positive cooperation and the happiness of providing quality products to our country .


Our first goal determined in the establishment is to continue our way as "an active company in the international arena " with the power provided by our business partners operating in different sectors of our country .

We are determined to continue our production with the "customer oriented service" understanding of our group that has not changed until today.

We have determined our vision to keep our product quality at world standards with constantly renewed technologies to meet the needs of our business partners and to "see the future from today" with the new products we will develop.

Behind every product we produce, we will reach the future by growing shoulder to shoulder with the understanding of "your company, our company" by providing technical support at every stage of production.