Metal Soaps

Metal soaps are produced by the reaction of metal oxides and a fatty acid. Zinc Stearate and Calcium Stearate, which can function as water repellent, lubricant, process facilitator, mold release agent in indutries such as plastic, rubber, construction chemicals, paint and varnish, are produced in high technology reactors at MELOS AŞ Sakarya facilities. It can be produced in powder or flake form as required. MELOS also offers metal soap mixtures specific to user needs.

MELOS product types, which can meet the needs in the most effective and economical way with the experience of MELOS and the guidance of the sector, are listed below. You can contact us to determine the suitable types for your production and to make sample studies.

  • Mixlub 5002
  • Mixlub 5001
  • Mixlub 5000
  • Zinc Stearat 2201
  • Calcium Stearat 3800
  • Calcium Stearat 3702
  • Calcium Stearat 3701
  • Mixlub 5003
  • Zinc Stearat 2211
  • Zinc Stearat 2202