Zinc Borate

Despite being a country with high-quality boron reserves Turkey has been importing zinc borate for many years. MELOS produces Zinc Borate in our facilities in Sakarya under the supervision of expert technical staff.

Due to its flame retardant, smoke suppressing and antibacterial properties and halogen-free properties, it has been the raw material sought in the rubber and plastic industry in recent years. It works in harmony with other non-flammability chemicals in systems containing and not containing halogen. MELOS Zinc Borate has been used increasingly in conjunction with ATH. In addition, zinc borate can be used in combination with antimony trioxide or alone.

MELOS Zinc Borate is presented to the industry in three different grades. MELOS product types, which can meet the needs in the most effective and economical way with the experience of MELOS are listed below. You can contact us to determine the suitable types for your production and to make sampling.

  • Zinc Borate 4000
  • Zinc Borate 4015
  • Zinc Borate 4013