Auxiliary Chemicals

MELOS supplies and offers auxiliary chemicals used in the rubber and plastic industry.

GRANULAR CARBON BLACK is widely used in rubber and PVC industry. With carbon black granulated with DOP, PARAPHINIC and AROMATIC oil, very good results are obtained especially in the production of RUBBER and PVC materials. Carbon black is used to provide pigments to products in the plastic and rubber industry. Granular carbon black, consisting of 50% oil and 50% powdered carbon, allows to significantly reduce environmental pollution. Carbon Black, which is used as a filler material in the Plastic, PVC and especially Rubber industry, is also used to strengthen the rubber material, increase its wear resistance and preserve the heat caused by friction. In this way, it is ensured that the life of the rubber is long. Also, Carbon Black is a good conductor. It is safely preferred especially in products where static electricity is not desired.

STEARIC ACID is used in all sulfur vulcanization systems. This product, which can be evaluated in various fields of industrial production, especially in the rubber sector is also evaluated as an anti-adhesive and plasticizer for rollers and molds. Stearic acid, which has an important place in sulfur vulcanization processes, significantly increases rubber quality. It is also preferred as an emulsifying agent in the rubber industry. Thanks to its important features, it is heavily preferred in the Rubber and Plastics industry.

Auxiliary Chemicals in Rubber and Plastic Industry

Granular carbon black, steraic acid and other auxiliary chemicals, which have an important place in the rubber and plastic industry, allow the final products to last longer. These products, which are used for reinforcement and as a filler, help the emergence of longer-lasting and higher quality products due to their high strength.

MELOS Assurance in Auxiliary Chemicals

MELOS A.Ş., which supplies the chemicals needed in every scale and offers it to its customers, offers the products it supplies in the most ideal way by processing and packaging. MELOS products, which can respond to the needs in the most effective and economical way with MELOS experience and sector guidance, are listed below. You can contact us to determine the varieties suitable for your production and to conduct sample studies.

  • HP 500 Granule Carbon Black
  • HD 500 Granule Carbon Black
  • FB 500 Granule Carbon Black
  • FD 500 Granule Carbon Black
  • Stearic Acid Rubber Grade